Cathe teaches several workshops a year, almost one a month, in the Seattle area as well as in other states and countries. Teaching on a regular basis keeps the art concepts alive, and allows good interaction with fellow artists. The engagement is fun and enlightening on both sides.

The workshops, in watercolor, oil, mixed media of watercolor and pastel, and monotypes, are aimed at the intermediate student and above. One beginning workshop is offered, usually in June, for folks new to watercolor, and also those needing a brush up on skills. Please see schedule.

Cathe’s workshops can be indoor and also on site. Typical are two day weekend workshops in the studio, 3 day on site, and week long work in art centers around the country. Private workshops can be arranged with specific art organizations, as well as personal consultations.


  • Gift Certificate

    Purchase a gift certificate in any amount you wish.

  • 2023 Winter Workshop Online

    “Color: Greens and Pink, They’re Coming!” Are Your Greens Ready?

    Feb 8/15/22/Mar1 Wednesdays 1-4pm PST
    8 Max, $250, Intermediate level, all media welcome.
    Demos alternate in watercolor and mixed media of Ooze

  • Private Sessions

    In person and Online, $100 for 90 minute session, contact Cathe to schedule or click here to purchase online.