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Being in the landscape, and working from life, provides a wonderful place to make art. And the opportunities for fun, being creative, and making marks that aren't the same old marks are everywhere and anywhere.

Most of the artwork that I do starts with working on site.  That's where my inspiration comes from, my energy, and my happiness. Some of those special places...


 yearly in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, team teaching and painting with Bob Phinney

 sitting on rocks in SE Alaska trying to outrun the tide

 in the beautiful hillsides of Ireland

 on boats in SE Alaska

 in the Canadian Arctic in Arkviat, Nunavut  with Dianna Shyne

 in China at Huangshan Mountain

.60 feet in the air on platforms in old growth forest of SE Washington state

 a very favorite place, along Kootenai Creek in Montana

 Box Canyon Creek in the Cascade Mountains

I also enjoy printmaking on location, and have set up printmaking in:

the Bitterroot Valley of Montana

 on site, and in a garage in Port Townsend

 and in the parking lot in front of my studio in Georgetown

Everyplace is a place to do art.
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